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We Provide
Orthopaedic Services!
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We Provide
Orthopaedic Services!
Highest standards of customer service
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Highest standards of customer service

Welcome to Nandedkar Super Speciality Hospital and Joint Replacement Center

Located in the heart of Pimpri-Chinchwad, Pune, India, Nandedkar Hospital is a premier specialty hospital renowned for its exceptional Orthopaedic and Dental services. Established in 2017, our hospital has quickly become a favourite choice for patients seeking top-quality medical care in the region. With a capacity of 20 beds, we offer a comprehensive range of healthcare services, including Joint Replacement Surgery, Dental Care, Physiotherapy, and Rehabilitation.
Our Departments

Nandedkar Super Speciality Hospital and Joint Replacement Center provides Orthopaedic, Dental services & Dental Implants, Spine & Revision Joint Replacement Surgery, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation as 24x7 Medical Emergency Services from Pimpri Chinchwad (PCMC), Pune, Maharashtra, India

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Conditions we treat
  • Arthritis – Knee Pain - Relieve knee pain caused by arthritis with our specialized treatments and advanced joint pain management.
  • Muscle Pain - Alleviate muscle pain and discomfort with our effective treatment options tailored to your needs.
  • Neck Pain - Find relief from neck pain through our specialized treatments targeting the underlying causes for long-lasting results.
  • Spondylosis - Manage spondylosis effectively with our comprehensive treatment approach to reduce pain and improve spinal health.
  • Joint Pain - Regain mobility and find relief from joint pain with our personalized treatments and advanced joint pain management strategies.
  • Frozen Shoulder - Regain shoulder mobility and alleviate frozen shoulder symptoms through our specialized treatments and rehabilitation techniques.
  • Tennis / Golfer’s Elbow - Recover from tennis or golfer's elbow with our targeted therapies and rehabilitation programs for optimal healing and pain relief.
  • Stroke / Paralysis - Comprehensive stroke management and rehabilitation programs for improved recovery and functional independence after paralysis.
  • Muscle injury / Strains - Promote healing and restore muscle function with our personalized treatment plans for muscle injuries and strains.
  • Post-Surgery Rehabilitation - Accelerate your post-surgery recovery with our tailored rehabilitation programs for optimal healing and restoring functionality.
  • knee Pain Treatment Without Surgery : Treatment for knee pain without surgery can include various non-invasive or minimally invasive approaches, depending on the underlying cause and severity of the condition. Here are some common treatment options - Rest and activity modification, Physical therapy, Pain management, Assistive devices, Injections, Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, Regenerative medicine, Weight management, Low-impact exercises
  • Sciatica - Find relief from sciatica pain and discomfort through our specialized treatments targeting the underlying causes and promoting effective pain management.
  • Bell’s Palsy - Facilitate recovery from Bell's Palsy with our comprehensive treatment approach, focusing on facial muscle retraining and nerve stimulation for improved facial function.
  • Facial Palsy - Restore facial function and improve quality of life through our specialized treatments and therapies for facial palsy.
  • Cerebral Palsy - Enhance motor skills and improve quality of life for individuals with cerebral palsy through our comprehensive therapeutic interventions and support programs.
  • Ligament Injury - Promote ligament healing and stability with our targeted treatments and rehabilitation protocols for effective recovery from ligament injuries.
  • Sports Injury - Recover quickly from sports injuries and return to peak performance with our specialized treatments and sports rehabilitation programs.
  • Diabetic Neuropathy - Manage diabetic neuropathy and alleviate symptoms through our comprehensive treatment plans focused on nerve health and pain management.
  • Peripheral Neuropathy - Find relief from peripheral neuropathy symptoms through our personalized treatment approach, targeting the underlying causes and promoting nerve health and pain management.
  • Knee Replacement : During knee replacement surgery, the surgeon removes the damaged surfaces of the knee joint, including the ends of the thighbone (femur) and shinbone (tibia), as well as any damaged cartilage. These surfaces are replaced with metal or plastic components that recreate the joint's function. In some cases, the underside of the kneecap (patella) may also be replaced.
Services related to Oral health and Dental care
  • Dental Examinations : Comprehensive oral health assessments, including examination of teeth, gums, and other oral structures.
  • Teeth Cleaning : Professional cleaning to remove plaque, tartar, and stains from teeth.
  • Dental Fillings : Restoration of teeth affected by decay or minor damage using various filling materials.
  • Tooth Extractions : Removal of severely damaged or problematic teeth.
  • Root Canal Treatment : Treatment to save infected or damaged teeth by removing the infected pulp and sealing the root canal.
  • Dental Crowns : Placement of caps or crowns over damaged or weakened teeth to restore their strength and appearance.
  • Dental Bridges : Replacement of missing teeth using a bridge anchored to adjacent natural teeth or dental implants.
  • Dentures : Custom-made removable appliances used to replace missing teeth and restore oral functionality.
  • Dental Implants : Placement of artificial tooth roots (implants) into the jawbone to support dental prosthetics like crowns or bridges.
  • Orthodontic Treatments : Correction of misaligned teeth and jaws using braces, aligners, or other orthodontic appliances.
  • Teeth Whitening : Cosmetic procedure to brighten and lighten the color of natural teeth.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry : Various treatments to enhance the appearance of the teeth and smile, including veneers, bonding, and gum contouring.
  • Periodontal Treatments : Diagnosis and treatment of gum diseases, including scaling, root planing, and periodontal surgeries.
  • Pediatric Dentistry : Dental care and treatments specifically designed for children.
  • Oral Cancer Screenings : Examination for early detection of oral cancer or precancerous conditions.